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SharePoint2010 Compare SharePoint Editions

Nice comparison on SharePoint2010 Editions.


SharePoint 2010 Beta Content

Business Connectivity Services

· Business Connectivity Services overview (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Business Connectivity Services overview (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

· Manage the Business Data Connectivity service (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Manage the Business Data Connectivity service (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

· Business Connectivity Services model

· Business Connectivity Services Resource Center

Social Computing

· Plan for social computing and collaboration

· User Profile Service overview

· Plan polices for user profiles

· Plan for collaboration sites

Managed Metadata

· Managed metadata planning

· Managed metadata overview

· Managed metadata operations

Records Management

· Using a records archive versus managing records in place

Document Management

· About document management

· Identify users and analyze document usage

· Document library planning

· Content type and workflow planning

· Information management policy planning

Digital Asset Management

· Digital asset management overview

· Plan digital asset management

Web Content Management

· Themes overview (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Plan for using themes (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Plan for caching and performance

· Configure Document Conversions Load Balancer and Launcher Services


· Plan for workflow security and user management (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Plan for approval and review processes in workflows (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Choose a workflow authoring tool (SharePoint Foundation)

· Workflow deployment processes (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

· Workflow deployment processes (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Configure global workflow settings (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

· Configure global workflow settings (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Manage workflows (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

· Manage workflows (SharePoint Server 2010)

· Monitor workflows (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

· Monitor workflows (SharePoint Server 2010)

Governance and Security