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Stuff2Read: IIS Compression

Nice MSDN article which gives you a good overview on IIS compression:

Designing and Developing High-Performance SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites (works for 2010 as well)

Blog article explaining you how to configure IIS compression

Using HTTP compression with SharePoint

Very interesting read with numbers from the fields.

IIS 7 Compression. Good? Bad? How much?

Properties and configuration possibilities

E – H (IIS 6.0 Metabase Property Mapping to IIS 7)

HttpCompressionSection Class [IIS 7]


Stuff2Read: Whats that

Do you know the feeling, you are sitting at home on your couch watching TV and you still have this deep inner feeling telling you that you could use a little more SharePoint goodness to put some icing on your day?

During my daily work I find a lot of interesting reads out on the internet, great blog posts, articles on MSDN or Technet and other cool stuff I think would be quite entertaining. That’s why I decided to introduce the “Stuff2Read” Category to my blog. Here you will find links to a certain topic which crossed my way, of course it could be that there will be multiple posts on the same topic containing different links but I think I will give it a shot anyway.

If you have interesting links you would like to share please feel free to post a comment with your link.

Diverse Administrationslinks


Installing & Configuring the Environment



Deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a server farm environment

Plan for administrative and service accounts (Office SharePoint Server)

Planning and Monitoring SQL Server Storage for Office SharePoint Server: Performance Recommendations and Best Practices (white paper)

Enable usage reporting

Stsadm command-line tool (Office SharePoint Server)

STSADM Custom Extensions – Automating SharePoint 2007 Configurations via STSADM Custom Extensions

Information about the Maintenance Plan Wizard in SQL Server 2005 and about tasks that administrators can perform against SharePoint databases

Support for changes to the databases that are used by Office server products and by Windows SharePoint Services

Database maintenance for Office SharePoint Server 2007 (white paper)

SharePoint Backup and Restore Overview

Plan for backup and recovery (Office SharePoint Server)

Understanding the Environment



Planning and architecture for Office SharePoint Server 2007

Logical Architecture Components:

Database types and descriptions (Office SharePoint Server):

About SharePoint Site Collections

Manage SharePoint Site Collections:

Plan lists (Windows SharePoint Services)

White paper: Working with large lists in Office SharePoint Server 2007:

Managing Environment Customizations



Customization Whitepaper

Understanding and Creating Customized and Uncustomized Files in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Solutions Overview

Solution package components

SharePoint Features

SharePoint Solutions

A System Administrators Role in Branding



Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites

How to: Create New SharePoint Themes

How to: Apply a SharePoint Theme

Create a publishing page layout

Implementing a Brand in a SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Site

Understanding and Creating Customized and Uncustomized Files in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

Help for SharePoint Designer 2007

Introduction to Contributor Settings

A System Administrators Role in Development



SharePoint Server Developer Portal

WSS Developer Center

Review of Environments

Team-Based Development in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Hyper-V and Virtualization on Microsoft TechNet

Setting up the Dev Environment

Code Access Security




Governance Resource Center

Index of Governance Content

Steps for building governance into SharePoint Server 2007 (white paper)

Sample governance plan

Governance checklist guide