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SPTechCon 2013 San Francisco

In a couple of days I will be travelling to San Francisco to attend SPTechCon 2013. I’m super excited to go.When I attended the conference the last time in 2012 I really enjoyed it and the people I met. The setting of the conference is a smaller one compared to the big Microsoft SharePoint Conference but this gives you a good chance to catch up with a lot of interesting people. So I’m looking forward to a great conference and hope to catch up with a lot of people of the SharePoint community. If you are attending SPTechCon and want to grab some lunch or dinner or just hang out and talk some SharePoint (or pretty much anything else) feel free to comment here or hit me up on Twitter @SPSoldier.


SharePoint Conference 2012–Here we go

One more day to go and I will be sitting in a plane taking me to sunny Las Vegas Nevada where I will attend SPC12.

Im super excited to go, I have attended SPC11 and found it an amazing experience, taking that and adding a amazing new version of SharePoint I’m expecting one of the best weeks this year.

I already scheduled my sessions (too much choices if you ask me Smiley) and realized that I will have to sit and watch a lot of recordings once they are available which will keep me entertained even when the conference will be long over.

But the most important thing for me is being around awesome people – the SharePoint community is from my perspective one of the most outstanding communities out there and I’m pretty sure that we will have a blast.

If you want to meet up and talk some SharePoint (or other stuff) feel free to reach out to me, I’m more then happy to meet up with you.

#SPC11 – SharePoint Conference 2011 – My approach and impressions

After attending SharePoint conference 2011 in Anaheim California I thought about sharing my approach to the conference and my personal impressions.

General approach to the conference:

My general approach to the SPC11 was to attend as many breakout sessions as possible also I wanted to meet up with a lot of people which I only have met on the internet. For scheduling and the breakout sessions I used the MySPC tool on the SharePoint conference site.

I always added multiple sessions for each breakout session slots. How I selected my sessions I will desribe later in this article.

Why did I attend?

My intention in attending the SharePoint conference in Anaheim mainly was to get an impression how SharePoint2010 got adopted after nearly 2 years in the market. I wanted to see how the SharePoint community is integrating SharePoint as a platform to their business. Also I was very interested in best practices and expectations around the product.

Choosing  breakout – sessions:

For choosing my breakout – sessions I followed a very simple approach:

  1. I scanned through the sessions and added the sessions to the MySPC calendar which sounds interesting to me.
  2. I checked the level of the session and decided only to attend level 300 or higher.
  3. I checked the sessions for speakers I always wanted to see in action.

After the first 3 steps I ended up with some breakout sessions slots on my calendar being double or even triple booked. I then decided to only attend sessions where I felt that I would have to ask questions about.

I ended up attending the following sessions:


  • Keynote
  • Managing LOB Data with BCS & SharePoint Search
  • Got iPads, Android tablets, smart phones and Windows devices? Managing Office 2010 endpoints in an Interoperable and multi-device World
  • Deep Dive: Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services Administration and Troubleshooting


  • Hit The Ground Running with Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010
  • Best Practices Around SharePoint 2010 User Profiles
  • How We Built Community Site
  • Planning and Implementing SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration
  • How to Effectively Deploy Updates in SharePoint 2010


  • Performance Tuning SharePoint 2010
  • The Official Guide to Troubleshooting FAST Search for SharePoint 2010
  • Enterprise Deployment Considerations for the User Profile Service Application
  • Remote BLOB Storage with SharePoint Server 2010 Deep Dive
  • Capacity Management for SharePoint 2010


  • The Inside Scoop: How the SharePoint Dev Team Troubleshoots Performance and Reliability
  • Tips and Tricks: Effectively manage your SharePoint Farm with BI
  • Upgrading User Profiles and My Sites from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

Most of the sessions I attended have been very interesting and informative. I decided to download all other sessions to check them out later. Download is currently running while writing this blog article ;-).

Meeting people:

One of the most important activities when attending conferences is of course meeting with other people so I tried to meet up with random people during breakfast, lunchbreaks and sessions also I had some people on my list which I always wanted to meet up with in person (which I did mostly during sessions, in the exhibition hall and at evening events).

At SPC11 I did not get disappointed -  not one day without having interesting conversations and meeting awesome people.

Hands – on labs:

After Microsoft announced that all hands-on labs will be accessible after the conference I decided to not attend any labs while being in Anaheim but do them later when I returned home.


Attending the SharePoint Conference 2011 was so far the SharePoint highlight of the year I really enjoyed attending, meeting up with people and seeing the evolvement of SharePoint2010 as a product.