SharePoint 2013–March 2013 PU BCS database didn’t upgrade

This happened to me quite a while ago but I haven’t found the time to blog about it.

When you applied the March2013 PU (see here Stefan Goßners Blog post – about it and why you should apply it) it happened that your BCS database didn’t upgrade and was listed in central administration as a database for which additional actions are required.

To fix this open your good friend Powershell and do the following:

$bcsdb = Get-SPDatabase | where{$_.type -eq “Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.SharedService.BdcServiceDatabase”}

When you now check central admin you should find it marked with “no action required”

DISCLAIMER: If your farm gets broken by whatever reasons, don’t blame me. Don’t ever run scripts you just found on the internet on your prod environment, if you don’t understand what they are doing.


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