SharePoint Conference 2012–Here we go

One more day to go and I will be sitting in a plane taking me to sunny Las Vegas Nevada where I will attend SPC12.

Im super excited to go, I have attended SPC11 and found it an amazing experience, taking that and adding a amazing new version of SharePoint I’m expecting one of the best weeks this year.

I already scheduled my sessions (too much choices if you ask me Smiley) and realized that I will have to sit and watch a lot of recordings once they are available which will keep me entertained even when the conference will be long over.

But the most important thing for me is being around awesome people – the SharePoint community is from my perspective one of the most outstanding communities out there and I’m pretty sure that we will have a blast.

If you want to meet up and talk some SharePoint (or other stuff) feel free to reach out to me, I’m more then happy to meet up with you.


One response to “SharePoint Conference 2012–Here we go”

  1. lita says :

    awesome you are lucky to have gone

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