Creating managed account–Requested registry access is not allowed

Today I wanted to create an managed account (using the UI) for some testing. When I created the managed account using the central administration I faced an strange error:


I have never seen this error message before, so I decided to fire up the ULS Log viewer to see whats happening… I followed the ULS and everything went as expected (Account validation etc.) but when it came to the point to set the password for the account an error occured telling me that the “requested registry access is not allowed”.

My first idea (ok not very hard to come to that conclusion when reading the error) that I might be missing some permissions on the registry. Which is strange because I have created several managed accounts on this environment before. But I decided to run the SharePoint configuration wizard (which I knew sets some permissions also on the registry).

After running the wizard I was able to create the account.


One response to “Creating managed account–Requested registry access is not allowed”

  1. Chris says :

    I had thesame issue well error. I went on the server to run processmonitor to see what was failing when reading the registry and it works fine from the server so try this from a web browser on a server

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