#SPC11 – SharePoint Conference 2011 – My approach and impressions

After attending SharePoint conference 2011 in Anaheim California I thought about sharing my approach to the conference and my personal impressions.

General approach to the conference:

My general approach to the SPC11 was to attend as many breakout sessions as possible also I wanted to meet up with a lot of people which I only have met on the internet. For scheduling and the breakout sessions I used the MySPC tool on the SharePoint conference site.

I always added multiple sessions for each breakout session slots. How I selected my sessions I will desribe later in this article.

Why did I attend?

My intention in attending the SharePoint conference in Anaheim mainly was to get an impression how SharePoint2010 got adopted after nearly 2 years in the market. I wanted to see how the SharePoint community is integrating SharePoint as a platform to their business. Also I was very interested in best practices and expectations around the product.

Choosing  breakout – sessions:

For choosing my breakout – sessions I followed a very simple approach:

  1. I scanned through the sessions and added the sessions to the MySPC calendar which sounds interesting to me.
  2. I checked the level of the session and decided only to attend level 300 or higher.
  3. I checked the sessions for speakers I always wanted to see in action.

After the first 3 steps I ended up with some breakout sessions slots on my calendar being double or even triple booked. I then decided to only attend sessions where I felt that I would have to ask questions about.

I ended up attending the following sessions:


  • Keynote
  • Managing LOB Data with BCS & SharePoint Search
  • Got iPads, Android tablets, smart phones and Windows devices? Managing Office 2010 endpoints in an Interoperable and multi-device World
  • Deep Dive: Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services Administration and Troubleshooting


  • Hit The Ground Running with Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010
  • Best Practices Around SharePoint 2010 User Profiles
  • How We Built Community Site NothingButSharepoint.com
  • Planning and Implementing SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration
  • How to Effectively Deploy Updates in SharePoint 2010


  • Performance Tuning SharePoint 2010
  • The Official Guide to Troubleshooting FAST Search for SharePoint 2010
  • Enterprise Deployment Considerations for the User Profile Service Application
  • Remote BLOB Storage with SharePoint Server 2010 Deep Dive
  • Capacity Management for SharePoint 2010


  • The Inside Scoop: How the SharePoint Dev Team Troubleshoots Performance and Reliability
  • Tips and Tricks: Effectively manage your SharePoint Farm with BI
  • Upgrading User Profiles and My Sites from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

Most of the sessions I attended have been very interesting and informative. I decided to download all other sessions to check them out later. Download is currently running while writing this blog article ;-).

Meeting people:

One of the most important activities when attending conferences is of course meeting with other people so I tried to meet up with random people during breakfast, lunchbreaks and sessions also I had some people on my list which I always wanted to meet up with in person (which I did mostly during sessions, in the exhibition hall and at evening events).

At SPC11 I did not get disappointed -  not one day without having interesting conversations and meeting awesome people.

Hands – on labs:

After Microsoft announced that all hands-on labs will be accessible after the conference I decided to not attend any labs while being in Anaheim but do them later when I returned home.


Attending the SharePoint Conference 2011 was so far the SharePoint highlight of the year I really enjoyed attending, meeting up with people and seeing the evolvement of SharePoint2010 as a product.


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