Insufficient Database permissions – proc_GetProductVersions \ EventID 5214

After applying SharePoint2010 Service Pack 1 and the republished June CUP I encountered a strange error in the eventlog.

“Insufficient SQL database permissions for user ‘Name: <user id> SID: <GUID> ImpersonationLevel: Impersonation’ in database ‘SharePoint_Config’ on SQL Server instance ‘<DB Server>’. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘proc_GetProductVersions’, database ‘SharePoint_Config’, schema ‘dbo’.”

After a little bit of investigation I figured out how to reproduce the error.

  1. Click on a SharePoint site the SiteActions menu
  2. Click “New Site”
  3. When the silverlight menu opens the error gets written into the eventlog. The enduser is not affected by the problem but you end up with an critical event in the eventlog.

I found it interesting that the user id gets written into the eventlog and not the application pool ID. Also the error only occours when using the silverlight enabled create new site dialog.

I opened up a call with the Microsoft premier support and they could reproduce my error as well in their environments.

The support engineer added a defect to the bugtracking database and  confirmed the following workaround:

  1. Connect to your DB Server where you host your SharePoint configuration database.
  2. Open the SQL Management studio
  3. Expand the SharePoint configuration database
  4. Navigate to programmability\StoredProcedures and select the stored procedure “dbo.proc_GetProductVersions”
  5. Right click the stored procedure and select properties
  6. Select permissions
  7. On the new popup screen, click Search, select [WSS_Content_Application_Pools] database role and click OK.
  8. On the first popup screen, select the role, check Execute permission and click OK.

Also you can shorten this steps by running the following SQL command:


GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT:dbo.proc_GetProductVersions TO [Domain\AppPoolUser]


Unfortunately I don’t know when Microsoft will implement a fix for this issue.


6 responses to “Insufficient Database permissions – proc_GetProductVersions \ EventID 5214”

  1. steve says :

    Thanks for writing this up. I have just come across the same error!

  2. johnheim says :

    Good explanation. Thanks for calling MS. Lots of noise on this same error with the same advice…but its good to see it well documented like this.

    Also, if anyone knows if its part of a SP2010 patch anytime soon would like to know.


  3. Jonathan Hicks says :

    We just installed the April 2012 CU and have found that this issue no longer occurs after this installation.

    • SPSoldier says :

      Thank you very much for sharing this please keep in mind that the April 2012 CU introduces an issue with incomming email breaking for sites with no site quota

    • Jonathan Hicks says :

      Sorry for bad information, it is still happening in all of our environments after April CU.

      • SPSoldier says :

        Thank you very much for sharing your observations because of the above mentioned issue I havent looked into the April12 CU yet

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