SharePoint Trainings

Units in the SharePoint Training Kit

The SharePoint 2010 training kit will cover the following topics.

Getting Started with SharePoint 2010

· What’s New in SharePoint 2010

· All of the PowerPoint decks used in the training

SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadmap

· What’s New in SharePoint 2010

· Major Shifts in the SharePoint 2010 UI

· Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 Development

· New Developer Tools for SharePoint 2010

· SharePoint 2010 Integration with PowerShell

SharePoint Development with Visual Studio 2010

· VS10 SharePoint 2010 Developer Tools

· The SharePoint Explorer

· The Feature Node & Feature Designer

· The Package None and Packaging Support

· Extensibility for Creating Custom SPIs and Context Menus

SharePoint UI Advancements

· The New SharePoint User Experience

· Branding and Compliancy in SharePoint 2010

· Customizing the User Interface

· InfoPath Forms and SharePoint

Designing Lists and Schemas

· New events for SharePoint sites & lists

· List Relationships and Joins

· Unique Column Constraints

· Managing and Querying Large List Support

· Wide List Governance

· List & List Item Validation

· XSL-Based Views

LINQ to SharePoint

· LINQ Primer

· Lambda Expressions

· Anonymous Types

· LINQ to SharePoint

· The DataContext Object

· Creating Typed Data Classes

Client Object Model

· Motivation for a Client Object Model

· The .NET Client Object Model

· The Silverlight Client Object Model

· Astoria Support

· Silverlight Web Parts

· The JavaScript Client Object Model

SharePoint 2010 Workflow

· Business Process Management

· Workflow Foundation

· What’s New in SharePoint 2010 Workflow

· Designing Workflows with SPD

· Developing Workflows with Visual Studio 10

The SharePoint 2010 Services Architecture

· Changes from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Service Model

· Service Model Components

· Service Applications

· Service App Proxies and Service App Groups

· OOTB Service Applications

· Creating Custom Service Applications

External Data in SharePoint (BCS)

· Enterprise Landscape

· Business Connectivity Services

· External Content Types

· Creating Applications

· Publishing Applications

· Visual Studio 2010 support

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

· Web Content Management (WCM) Improvements

· Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

· Advanced Routing

· Metadata Everywhere

· Asset Library

· Document Sets

· In-Place Records Management

Extending Search

· Search “App Taxonomy”

· The Connector Framework

· Creating a .NET Shim

· The Query Pipeline

· Search Center Enhancements

BI Solutions with Performance Point Server 2010

· What is Business Intelligence

· BI Tools in SharePoint 2010

· Performance Point Services

· Excel Services

Sandboxed Solutions

· Application Hosting and Customization

· Site Collection Solutions

· Developing Sandboxed Solutions

· Administrating the sandboxing infrastructure

SharePoint 2010 and Claims-based Security

· SharePoint 12 Authentication

· ACLs and Securable Objects

· Claims-based Security

Other SharePoint Training Resources

The SharePoint MSDN Developer Center

Developers at MSDN

IT Pros at TechNet

Everyone at

The SharePoint 2010 MSDN SDK:

SharePoint MSDN Forums:

SharePoint 2010 Developer Evaluation Guide:

An article on upgrading code from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010:

Details of how to install SharePoint 2010 for developers on Windows 7:


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